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Mercedes G Wagon 250 Wolf

ВНИМАНИЕ: Запрещенно к поставке в Россию и Беларусь
Продажа возможна в Украину, Казахстан, Узбекистан, Грузию и Страны Евросоюза.
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Производитель:   Mercedes
Индекс в базе: 1040 | Ref MOD:50430
Mercedes G Wagon 250 Wolf доступен в количестве 1  для продажи и осмотра на нашей главной базе в Донкастере, Великобритания

Пробег часов/км: 16,748 kms
Год производства: 1992
В Сервисе:2021
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Just arrived into stock Mercedes G Wagon 250 Wolf 4x4 Soft Top
This is a rare example of a high specification vehicle to include;

5x New Hutchinson Bead lock 16" wheels with BF Goodrich Mud Terrain tyres
The Hutchinson wheels are legendary in military Gelandewagen, these wheels are true bead lock and are also true DOT compliant and street legal. This is about the most rugged wheel for the G-class trucks.

The additional bolts seen on the edge of the rim is what it means to have a true bead lock.
These bolts are not for show, rather pure function to clamp the tire bead between the two wheel portions.

This becomes extremely useful to "air-down" or lower the tire pressure to increase the contact area of the tire which dramatically increases off road traction. Airing-down also makes for a much softer ride off road, where the tires soak up many of the smaller bumps from rocks and crevasses.

The drawback of airing down on conventional wheels is the lower the air pressure drops the greater the risk of the tire bead coming off the rim, and thus losing the effectiveness of a tire. At higher speeds this can become dangerous.

These wheels allow for zero tire pressure which still firmly grasping the tires. It would not be advisable to lower tire pressure on conventional wheels much lower than 18psi, sometimes 12 can be achieved in snow or sand.

However with the Hutchinsons you may easily lower to 7-10 lbs for most situations and 2-3 lbs for snow, sand and loose mud.

Front Heavy Duty Bull Bar
Light Guards to front Indicators and headlights
Flared wheel fenders
Air intake snorkel
4x Forward facing seats
New black canopy
Fully serviced and repainted March 2021
LJ: 4574

The specification of the Military Mercedes G Wagon 250 Wolf 4x4 Soft Top

Category 4x4s
Manufacturer Mercedes
Engine OM602 92HP 2.5 Litre Diesel
Gearbox 5 speed manual
Brakes Drum brakes Steering
Power Assisted LHD
Tyres 265/75R16

Length 4.5M
Height 1.85M
Width 1.7M
GVW 2,950 Kg

16,748 Kilometres
Year of manufacture 1992
Service/repainting 2021

Рулевое: левостороннее (LHD)
Колесная формула: 4x4

Расположение:The Rocket site, DN10 6ET, Doncaster, Великобритания

Экспортные требования: SIEL(Стандартная-индивидуальная лицензия) Прочитать больше

Inquiry: 693

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