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CB 4CX Sitemaster Backhoe Loader

ВНИМАНИЕ: Запрещенно к поставке в Россию и Беларусь
Продажа возможна в Украину, Казахстан, Узбекистан, Грузию и Страны Евросоюза.
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Производитель:   JCB
Индекс в базе: 1083 | Ref MOD:50476
CB 4CX Sitemaster Backhoe Loader доступен в количестве 1  для продажи и осмотра на нашей главной базе в Донкастере, Великобритания

Пробег часов/км: 1,773 hrs
Год производства: 2011
В Сервисе:2021
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CB 4CX Sitemaster Backhoe Loader
Just arrived direct from the military high specification machine in excellent condition
1,773 Hours
4 in 1 Bucket
Hydraulic front quick hitch
Piped for hammer
4 wheel steer
Extendable back hoe
Manual rear quick hitch
Joystick servo controls
Air conditioning
Diesel refuelling pump
Auxiliary hydraulics
Machine has been serviced and repainted back to original colours
As an optional extra we can supply with quick hitch forks and spare wheel if required

Stock Number: LJ 5687

This loader is more powerful and heavier than the civilian 4CX Super.
Spare parts are interchangeable from the civilian version!
JCB 4CX MILITARY available in original Army colours or painted in colours of your choice.

The JCB Military Backhoe is designed for productivity, boasting high levels of operator comfort, ergonomics and durability, as well as a wide range of optional extras to tailor its performance.

JCB used only proven components and technologies in the JCB Military Backhoe’s manufacture for strong, reliable performance and minimum downtime.

The cab is fully air-conditioned, comfortable and ergonomic, with 24-volt systems and seat-mounted excavator controls. The Military backhoe can be waterproofed up to 1.5m wading depth, can have winterisation to -40°C and is available in a variety of specialist paint options. Convoy and blackout lighting is available, with lifting points, tie-down points and reduced height cabs for excellent transportability.

Specification of the military JCB 4cx back smoothride back hoe loaders. (JCB 4CXM/4CXMA)

Full ROPS and FOPS cabin protection.
Engine Turbo Diesel 100HP 74Kw

Gearbox JCB powershift 4 forward and 4 reverse gears
Brakes vacumum servo assisted inboard multidiscs
Steering PAS

Operating Voltage 24 V
Tyres 440/80R28
Length 7.25 m
Height 2.7 m
Width 2.45 m

GVW 9200 kg

Reinforced suspension
Boom height in transportation pos 3.47m
Digging depth apx 6 mt

Run 1500 hrs
Year of Manufacture 2011


Bucket Capacity 1.4 yd3 1.1 m3
Bucket Width 94 in 2387.6 mm
Bucket Breakout Force 12638 lb 56.2 kN
Lift Capacity at Full Height 9046 lb 4103.2 kg
Clearance at Max Dump Height 8.8 ft in 2690 mm
Reach at Max Dump Height 2.8 ft in 860 mm
Dig Depth 7.9 in 200 mm

Pump Type dual gear pumps
Pump Flow Capacity 39.1 gal/min 148 L/min
Relief Valve Pressure 3300 psi 22752.7 kPa

JCB 4CX and 4CXM/4CXMA backhoe loaders (United Kingdom),
Field fortifications and related emplacements equipment



Development JCB 4CX military

The JCB 4CX is one of a range of commercial backhoe loaders produced by JCB. The JCB 4CXM (M - Military) is a militarised variant of the JCB 4CX, and when designated 4CXMA denotes a cab armouring package is fitted. The 4CX range of backhoe loaders has recently been supplied to Austrian, British, Croatian, Dutch, French, New Zealand, Netherlands and Singaporean armed forces.Following a competitive tender, in 2002 the JCB 4CXM was selected by the British Army to become the new standard Light Wheeled Tractor (LWT), replacing a fleet of Hydrema 906B machines. Full details of the Hydrema range of backhoe loaders can be found elsewhere in this section. 150 4CXM machines were involved in the order, with production running from October 2002 until February 2003. Of the 150 machines delivered eight were fitted with protection kits for Northern Ireland by Penman Engineering, and five were waterproofed and winterised by RDS.These machines are currently being replaced by ALC as part of that company`s 16-year Private Finance Initiative (PFI).

This intention of this initiative is to provide heavy plant equipment for the UK`s armed forces for which the then Amey Lex Consortium was selected as preferred bidder in early 2004. Deliveries run from September 2009 until early 2010 and cover 136 mildly militarised machines, five of which will be waterproofed and winterised.In June 2006 JCB disclosed the sale of 91 4CXMA backhoe loaders to the French Army. These are currently being delivered, with completion due during 2010. These machines are

Description JCB 4CX military

To meet the requirements of various defence procurement agencies, differing degrees of militarisation to the standard 4CX base machine have been undertaken. The standard militarised JCB 4CXM combines the current JCB 4CX platform with the P12 JCB backhoe loader cab, this being both C130 compatible and adaptable to meet armouring requirements. For the non-ALC UK and New Zealand requirements militarisation included a 24 V electrical system with a convoy lighting/blackout system, inter-vehicle start socket, guarded lighting, rifle stowage, diesel refuelling system, tyre inflation system, the option for an internal NBC kit stowage box, 1.5 m fording depth (1 m optional), and the option for a shovel-mounted 7,000 kg winch. The machine is also air transportable by C-130 Hercules and underslung by Chinook helicopter.

To ensure C-130 air transportability the P12 cab is fitted and to achieve the required 2.67 m transport height, tyres are reduced in pressure to 1.6 bar (23 psi). Additionally, five of the UK machines (in the latest ALC purchase) have been winterised for operations at temperatures down to -40°C.For the French requirement militarisation included a 24 V electrical system, rifle stowage, additional equipment stowage, C-130 transportability, and fitting for but not with a small arms fire and blast protection kit. To meet a requirement for a sustainable 40 km/h road speed French Army machines also feature the commercial option of a lock-up torque converter.JCB also produces the 1CX, 2CX and 3CX ranges of backhoe loaders, full details of which can be found elsewhere in this

Рулевое: левостороннее (LHD)
Колесная формула: 4x4

Расположение:The Rocket site, DN10 6ET, Doncaster, Великобритания

Экспортные требования: SIEL(Стандартная-индивидуальная лицензия) Прочитать больше

Inquiry: 789

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