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MAN HX60 18.330 4x4 Drop Side Cargo Trucks with Canopy

ВНИМАНИЕ: Запрещенно к поставке в Россию и Беларусь
Продажа возможна в Украину, Казахстан, Узбекистан, Грузию и Страны Евросоюза.
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Производитель:   MAN
Индекс в базе: 959 | Ref MOD:50359
MAN HX60 18.330 4x4 Drop Side Cargo Trucks with Canopy доступен в количестве 50  для продажи и осмотра на нашей главной базе в Донкастере, Великобритания

Пробег часов/км: 10,000-60,000 kms
Год производства: 2007-2010
В Сервисе:2020
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MAN HX60 18.330 4x4 Drop Side Cargo Trucks with Canopy
Direct from the military these are the latest current in service cargo vehicles used by the military today
We have a large choice of these vehicles available all in excellent condition with low kilometres

The specification of the military MAN HX60 18.330 4x4 Drop Side Cargo Trucks with Canopy

Configuration: 4x4
Payload: 9 Tons
Steel leaf spring suspension
Seats: Driver and two crew air operated
Air Conditioned Cabin
Cab roof hatch
Tilt cab
Heated mirrors
Cruise control
EBS & ABS braking system
(EVB) Exhaust valve brake
Hill start brake

Temperature and time display
Front and rear diff locks and interaxle lock
Rear Nato tow hitch, air fittings and lighting socket

Spare wheel

On board tyre inflation system

Heavy duty steel body fitted with lashing tie down points as well as a ISO container twist locks. Length 14` width 7`5"

2x Side stowage tool boxes
2x Fire extinguisher boxes

Engine MAN D0836 LFG50 Euro 4 6 cylinder 326HP

Gearbox ZF AS 1210 MAN TipMatic
Brakes Electronically controlled, dual circuit, air operated
Steering ZF 8098 Servocom
Tyres Continental 14.00 R20 22 Ply

Electrics 24 volts

GVW: 18,000Kg

Axle 1: 9,100Kg
Axle 2: 10,250Kg
Unladen weight: 9,200Kg

Body length: 5.1M
Length 8.1M
Height 3.05M
Width 2.55M

Kms 10,000-60,000 Kilometres
Year of manufacture 2007-2010

The history of the MAN HX60 military Truck

The MAN HX all-wheel drive vehicle range has been designed to provide high mobility off-road to military customers while carrying heavy loads. The HX series are derived from the TGA heavy truck technology also developed by MAN. These vehicles are suitable for global logistic and tactical off-road operation such as peacekeeping missions. HX vehicles combine maximum mobility and reliability with great operating economy and efficiency in scenarios ranging from desert to artic climate (-32 to +49 Celsius). Depending on the version, these vehicles can be airlifted by C-130, C-160 or A400M tactical transport aircraft.

The HX range is based on MAN`S latest TGA commercial driveline components and the chassis is fitted with the latest version of the modular military cab, which is also fitted to the SX range.

To achieve maximum commonality between the commercial and military products, revisions to the military version`s TGA driveline involved relocating the HX`s cooling pack to behind the cab. This enhances the vehicle`s hot climate operating capability and enables certain models to fit the C-130 envelope. An applique armour kit has been developed for the cab.

The HX60 4x4 (six-tonne payload) mirrors the concept of the LX range. It is designed to be lighter and more mobile, both tactically and strategically and, as such, is air-portable in a C-130 Hercules with little preparation.

With minimal alterations, the HX60 meets the criteria for high mobility. It is possible an LX-mirroring light` 6x6 high-mobility chassis with independent rear-axle suspension could be introduced.

The heavier-duty high towing loads HX58 6x6, HX76 (8x8 tractor truck) and HX77 8 x 8 are air-portable on wide-body aircraft and are more closely related to the outgoing FX range.

Motive power for the HX60 is provided by a latest-generation MAN Common Rail small block diesel engine developing 326hp and 1,250Nm torque. The HX58 (nine-tonne payload) and HX77 (15-ton ne payload) have the option of latest-generation MAN Cormmon Rail diesel engines developing 430hp and 2,1 OONm torque or 480hp and 2,300Nm torque. The HX76 is powered by a V-10 diesel engine developing 700hp.

All HX models are fitted with a 12-speed ZF AS-Tronic automatic constant mesh gearbox and MAN two-speed transfer box. Driveline enhancements for the HX76 include a ZF torque converter. The latest `single tyre specific` MAN hub-reduction drive axles sprung by leaf springs, with bogie-type suspension for the rear axles, complete the driveline.

Рулевое: Правосторонний (RHD)
Двигатель: MAN D0836 LFG50 Euro 4 6 cylinder 326HP
Колесная формула: 4x4

Расположение:The Rocket site, DN10 6ET, Doncaster, Великобритания

Экспортные требования: NLR(Не требуется)

Inquiry: 2708

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